How it Works

How does a Mastergard M6000 Immobilizer protect my car?

Diagram of the Mastergard M6000 ImmobilizerImage: Diagram of how the Mastergard M6000 Immobilizer works

A Mastergard M6000 Immobilizer is an electronic device that arms automatically when the vehicle is switched off and stops any unauthorized starting of the vehicle.  Mastergard’s M6000 Immobilizer stops thieves because the brain (labeled  above) disengages multiple engine operation circuits or vital engine control units (e.g. Starter, Ignition and Fuel Supply, see  above), so that it cannot be started without a transponder key fob (labeled  above), thereby preventing the vehicle from being started, let alone driven away.

The M6000 is especially challenging to would be thieves due to the use of encrypted digital RF codes (similar technology that banks use). Each M6000 is randomly assigned a unique disarming code (one of billions of code variants) and only the presence of the corresponding transponder key tag will enable your vehicle to start. The specially coded black transponder tag must be with the vehicle ignition key at all times to operate the vehicle in a normal manner.

The M6000 is fully automatic, so it is easy-to-use. You enter and exit your vehicle as usual and the M6000 automatically activates within 35 seconds of removing of your ignition key.

In the nine years that the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has been tracking such thefts, no vehicle in Canada with an immobilizer meeting the national standard has been stolen due to the defeat of an immobilizer.

General Specifications for the M6000

The Mastergard M6000

General Specifications

The Mastergard M6000 is an electronic vehicle immobilization device consisting of – an electronic control unit, several wires with removable identifying tags, one red master transducer tag, one black user transducer tag, an antenna wire and a red Light Emitting Diode.


The immobilizer brain A is an electronic unit that interrupts vehicle control circuits, thus immobilizing the vehicle.

The transponder tags B are used by the vehicle operator to operate the Mastergard M6000. A programmed tag is carried by each vehicle operator on the key-ring of the vehicle.

What is a Transponder Tag?
Inside the small plastic casing is a small electronic device which has been programmed with an electronic code, one of several billion variations.  When interrogated by the main ECU, via an antenna located near your vehicle ignition switch, the correct tag allows your vehicle engine to be started.  The tag contains no batteries and therefore is totally maintenance free.  There is only ever one red master tag and it should not be used in the same way as the black user tag.  It must only be used to add or delete the black user tags.  It is very important that the red master tag is stored in a safe place, not in the vehicle.  It is very important not to lose the red master tag.

The Antenna Wire C is installed on the vehicle to pick up the programmed code from the transponder tag.

The LED (Light Emitting Diode) D is used to warn thieves of the presence of a security device.


Our company has a basic philosophy regarding the installation of any Mastergard product and that is “the product is only as good as the installation.”  The best product in the world can be ineffective if the installation is not done properly.  Since the inception of the company, we have realized the importance of the installation and that is why we have always insisted that anyone who installs our products must receive hands-on training conducted by the VSIB.  This training ensures that installers of our Mastergard immobilizers comply with the Canadian installation standards of practice – the Canadian Standard for Installation of Automobile Theft Deterrent Equipment and Systems (CAN/ULC-ORD S.275.1), and have received VSIB certification.


This system is fully automatic…

Arming the system:

  • Turn off the vehicle ignition and remove the ignition key (this key should have one of the black user transponder tags firmly attached to it).
  • After 5 seconds the M6000 LED will begin flashing rapidly.
  • After a further 30 seconds the M6000 LED will begin flashing more slowly.
  • The M6000 immobilizer is now fully armed.

Disarming the system:

  • Open the driver’s door and insert the ignition key (this key should have one of the black user transponder tags firmly attached to it).
  • The M6000 LED will now go out.
  • The M6000 is now disarmed .
  • You may now operate your vehicle in the normal manner.


The Mastergard M6000 comes with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY to the original purchaser. See attached warranty statement for details.