2003-2006 GM Truck Instrument Cluster Repair

Does this Look Familiar?

Common symptoms include:

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  • Speedometer displays incorrectly
  • Speedometer stops working
  • Tachometer needle sticks, jumps, or pegs
  • Fuel gauge flutters
  • Entire instrument panel fails

If you have a 2003-2006 GMC or Chevrolet truck there is a good chance that of you gauges are starting to behave erratically.  This is a VERY common problem and they will get worse if not repaired.  Eventually all of your gauges will act up.   A new GM replacement can cost over  $500.

We offer a complete rebuild of these clusters for only $175  including return shipping.  All you need to do is ship the cluster to us and we will repair it the same day and send it back to you via Canada Post Priority Post. (Purolator available for only a few dollars more)

If you can’t do without your cluster for a few days, feel free to stop in and we will repair it while you wait. We will even remove and reinstall it at no extra cost. If you are not local, we can ship you a loaner cluster for no extra cost other than shipping. (subject to availability)

Unlike most repair shops, we completely rebuild the cluster. We replace all stepper motors and light bulbs as well as repair dead or dim vacuum displays.

We guarantee our work for 3 years!

Feel free to email us or call with any questions.

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ph. 204-749-2013 ask for Tony

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