Wireless Internet



 Novatel Wireless Ovation MC547

  • $0.00 on a 36-month contract
  • Integrated diversity antenna
  • Removable memory storage with microSDHC
  • Works with both Windows® and Mac®

 Jet Hub Option GlobeSurfer III

  • High-speed Wireless Internet Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Network Router
  • Full Telephone Functionality


With MTS Wireless High Speed Email & Internet service you can now enjoy wireless broadband speeds for the freedom to work when you want and where you want. Get email & Internet access at home, at work or while away from the office.

Email & Surf Plans – 4G & CDMA Network (All Devices)
Monthly Fee $35 $40 $60 $75
Monthly Fee with MTS Internet $35 $30 $55 $65
Data 500 MB Manitoba Data Included300 MB Canadian Data Included 1 GB Manitoba Data Included300 MB Canadian Data Included 3 GB Manitoba Data Included300 MB Canadian Data Included Unlimited Manitoba Data Included (requires min. 6 month contract)
Additional Manitoba Data $0.10/MB Unlimited Manitoba Data Included
Canadian Data Roaming $0.35/MB outside of Manitoba $3/MB outside of Manitoba
U.S. Data Roaming $3/MB

Self Adjusting Plans

Never go over on your data again! Plans start at $40/month and automatically adjust to the next pricing tier when your data usage is over the amount allocated within each tier. Plus, when you have MTS Internet service, save $10 a month!

Self Adjusting Plans – 4G & CDMA Network
Monthly Fee Manitoba Data Included Canadian Data Included
$40 500 MB (if usage is greater than 500MB, $45 will be charged) 300 MB
$45 1 GB (if usage is greater than 1 GB, $55 will be charged) 300 MB
$55 2 GB (if usage is greater than 2 GB, $70 will be charged) 300 MB
$70 3 GB (if usage is greater than 3 GB, $90 will be charged) 300 MB
$90 5 GB (if usage is greater than 5 GB, $0.10/MB will be charged) 300 MB

Already signed up for this plan? Go to the MTS Smartphone Bundle Form and bundle your services to save even more.

Internet Express Stick: Hardware is subject to availability. Prices and terms will vary. Wireless Internet Plans: Available with a minimum 6-month contract. Requires Internet Express Stick to be purchased by customer. Additional usage above included data charged at $0.10/MB in Manitoba, $0.35/MB in Canada and $3/MB in the United States (excluding unlimited plans). Unlimited data available in Manitoba only (Canadian and US data roaming $3/MB). Unlimited plans are subject to customer’s use of the service being what MTS considers “normal use” and as such are subject to our Excessive Use policy. Excessive use includes, without limitation, multimedia streaming, VOIP, or used to operate an email, web, news, chart or similar service. See our Excessive Use Policy for details and information about our Network Management practices. The security, confidentiality and privacy of wireless communications cannot be guaranteed. Use appropriate hardware and software security features to help ensure the security of data and minimize the chance of interception. Self Adjusting Plans: Offer available with a month to month contract. Hardware must be purchased separately. Additional – Manitoba data usage above 5 GB charged at $0.10/MB. Additional – Canadian data usage above 300 MB charged at $0.35/MB. U.S. data roaming charged at $3/MB. See dealer for details. Charges: Price of plan reflects fixed monthly access fee and does not include Wireless Network Charge ($3.50/month), plus any additional usage above the chosen calling plan on each wireless device. General: 4G Network Available with an HSPA enabled device and SIM card. Network speeds vary depending on customer’s location and hardware. Hardware is subject to availability and service is subject to technical and network limitations. Offers are for a limited time and are subject to change without notice. Other conditions and charges may apply. See Dealer for details – use our Store Locator page to find a dealer near you.