Mastergard M6000 Immobilizer – Programming a New Black User Transponder Tag

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Each system can hold up to 4 Black User Transponder Tags in addition to the Red Master Transponder Tag.  When programming new Black user Transponder Tags to the system, all previous Black User Transponder Tags will need to be reprogrammed at the same time for them to continue to operate the M6000 immobilizer.  Each time a new tag is programmed the M6000 immobilizer will drop all previous codes allowing for additional security when a Black User Transponder Tag has been lost or stolen.


It is possible to program two or more vehicle equipped with a M6000 Immobilizer to the same Black User Transponder Tag.  Should you wish to do the second vehicle and program it to that M6000 and so on.  This method stops any conflicts with the use of multiple transponder tages.

To enter Programming Mode:

  • Open the vehicles driver’s door and leave open or switch the ignition on/off using your ignition key (make sure that no transponder tags are in the vicinity of the vehicle ignition switch or designated antenna area).
  • Within 60 seconds introduce the Red Master Tag to the vehicle ignition switch until the M6000 LED goes out.
  • Remove the Red Master Transponder Tag from the vicinity of the ignition switch.
  • Within 5 seconds (before the LED begins to flash) switch the vehicle ignition on and off 5 times.  (on/off – on/off – on/off – on/off – on/off)
  • The M6000 LED will illuminate in a non-flashing state, if done correctly.
  • With 10 seconds introduce the Red Transponder Tag to the vehicles ignition switch then remove from the vicinity.
  • The M6000 LED will go out confirming the M6000 has deleted all previously valid Black Transponder Tags and is now ready to learn up to 4 new Black User Transponder Tags.
  • Within 10 seconds introduce the first Black User Transponder Tag to the vehicle ignition switch.
  • The M6000 LED will flash once, pause and flash again.
  • Within 10 seconds introduce the second Black User Tag to the ignition switch (If applicable).
  • The M6000 LED will flash twice.
  • Continue with the third and fourth Black User Transponder Tag (If applicable)
  • The M6000 LED will flash 3 or 4 time respectively.
  • Waiting Longer the 10 seconds at ant time during the Black User Transponder Tag programming will tell the system to leave programming mode and remember all the Black User Transponder Tags you have just taught it.

Should you experience any problems with programming your Black User Transponder Tag, please drop by N3 Sales and we will be happy to assist you.

If you lose your RED MASTER Transponder Tag you will need to bring the vehicle to us so we can program in a new Red Transponder Tag.

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